House of Staunton

The House of Staunton manufacturers the world's finest Chess equipment, including Chess sets, Chess boards and Chess boxes of all types and for all budgets. They are one of the largest suppliers of chess sets in the world, and their business is almost entirely internet based.

OfficeMinder Solutions worked with House of Staunton to design and develop an interface from their multiple on-line stores and their accounting system, QuickBooks Enterprise. The system automatically records sales from the PayPal Shopping Cart, eBay, Amazon, and other web stores directly into QuickBooks as Invoice and Payment transactions using a sophisticated aliasing engine that converts promotional item descriptions and product bundles to specific parts within the QuickBooks Item List, enabling marketing to use descriptive terms to promote their products while ensuring complete synchronization with the rigorously defined parts list within QuickBooks.

PayPal Integrator:

Data Capture:

  • parses PayPal sales notifications
  • parses Amazon sales notifications
  • parses eBay sales notifications
  • parses eCheck sales notifications

Aliasing Engine:

  • Parts list
    • converts promotional product descriptions to QuickBooks parts
    • enables a single sales item to map to one or more parts within QuickBooks
    • traps any items where there is not a match with QuickBooks, allows user intervention
  • Other lists
    • maps shipping, handling, insurance, discounts to QuickBooks lists
    • uses specific payment methods and invoice templates based on order type
  • Order enhancements
    • option to add promotional item when order exceeds price threshhold

    Quickbooks Integration:

    • posts Invoices and Receive Payments
    • posts Sales Orders on account
    • clear or delete order out of QuickBooks
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