Specialized Medical Devices

Specialized Medical Devices is a leading provider of Clinical Respiratory Services and Durable Home Medical equipment to Northern and Central Alabama residents. Located in 5 offices, they have been providing personalized service for over 22 years.

OfficeMinder Solutions worked closely with Specialized Medical Devices to design and develop a comprehensive practice management system to automate their front office and field service functions. The implementation achieves a near paperless office by automating redesigned workflows and working with electronic content directly (not just working with scanned images of content). The resulting system enabled SMD to reduce staff by over 50% while still serving the same number of patients, and to easily pass the Joint Commission accreditation.

System Features:

Patient Management:

  • Record patient demographics, insurance, diagnosis
  • Track patient from setup through pickup
  • Record and track prescriptions, automatically generate renewal orders
  • Record all patient and doctor Communications
  • Record and process orders for equipment, supplies, services, and tanks
  • Record field and phone clinical care services, automatically reschedule follow up services

Asset Management:

  • Setup and track equipment through entire life cycle
    • Establish, track, and schedule periodic servicing
    • Guided cleaning and maintenance tasks based on vendor's specific requirements
    • Record and track sending equipment out for repairs
    • Inventory management, identify where all equipment is at any point in time
    • Track equipment status, dirty, clean, tested, ready, retired, lost, etc.
  • Setup and track oxygen tanks through entire life cycle
    • Track vendor oxygen through transfill, out to patient, and consumed
    • Guided transfill processing
    • Lot tracking
    • Hydro date tracking
    • Inventory management, identify where all tanks are at any point in time
    • Track tank status, empty, ready, out for hydro, lost, etc.

Field Operations:

  • Handheld devices carry patient, equipment, and tank info and service requirements to field
    • Scheduled patient assignments with supporting patient records
    • Guided clinical services workflows with supporting information
    • Guided equipment servicing workflows with supporting information
    • Scans equipment, tanks, and supplies
    • Collects patient and employee signatures


  • Master calendar for centralized staff scheduling for any/all offices
  • Flexible staff assignments between offices
  • Tracks patient and doctor appointments
  • Tracks internal project assignments
  • Provides for recurring tasks

Task Manager:

  • User defined workflows
  • All tasks tracked to completion
  • Exception reporting when workflows not rigorously followed
  • Centralized management of all tasks
  • Flexible reassignment of tasks
  • Reports on pending and completed tasks, performance metrics


  • Cleared orders (deliveries and pickups) delivered to accounting Dept.
    • All information necessary to populate 3rd party billing system
  • Track all tasks required to prepare order for billing
  • Create and track CMNs
  • Create and track internal assignments (patient follow up, dr. follow up)


  • Master calendar of marketing appointments for doctors and hospitals
  • Setup and track appointment objectives and prospect assessments
  • Customizable questionnaires for creating doctor profiles
Link to Specialized Medical Devices www.smdresp.com